Great British design and build

We refuse to cut corners. All our sofas are designed and made in the UK.

We set up Couch with one simple aim: to offer beautifully hand- crafted sofas at a sensible price. Our goal is to produce the type of sofas you see in high-end furniture stores but at up to half the price. 

How do we do this? Well, quite simply, we use all the very best materials you would expect to find in a designer sofa, and combine this with beautifully soft fabrics from the top European mills. This allows us to offer an unequivocal 5 year warranty on all our products, something you won’t get from other sofa companies. All our sofas are hand-made in our workshop in South Wales and when it comes to building sofas, we leave nothing out.  


What we do cut out, however, is the retailer, because that’s where all the extra costs are. Lavish stores with exorbitant rents and running costs, expensive advertising campaigns, marketing gimmicks such as Interest Free Credit – all these things drive the price of your sofa up and up, and that’s before you consider that the retailer then expects to make a profit as well. It is little surprise, then, that buying your sofa direct from Couch saves you up to 50% off the shop price.


We’ve got nothing against furniture retailers. Some of them sell beautiful sofas. We just don’t think you should pay for all the other stuff as well.


Kind regards

Tom Ridgwell,
Co-Founder, Couch